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About H&E Fine Wines

We are the Hong Kong based online wine retailer.

Our portfolio focuses on the selection of the fine wines from Old Worlds, such as France, Italy and Spain. We have a good connection and relationship with the vineyards and winemakers as well as the Negociants.

Our Mission is simple, to allow our clients (wine lovers) use most competitive price to get what they are looking for.

We also can help our client to source any wine that they interested or looking for, such as specific vintage on their born year.

All our wines are sleeping in our temperature controlled warehouse with ideal temperature and humanity control waiting for their new destiny.

- 紅七哥



及後閱歷隨年齡增長,上過WSET又讀了書,滿嘴左岸右岸terroir vintage,兼顧酒花投資期貨上落。追《神之水滴》是指定動作,走火入魔起來,品還要唸兩句聶魯達(Pablo Neruda)的情詩。就這樣上天下地吹噓半晚,葡萄酒已不是酒,而是世界大千。如此階段,正是見山不是山,見水不是水。

到如今,未至於千帆過盡,但心情已為淡定,就似是隔岸看花。遇有美妙感通處,難以明言,唯有微笑拈華。或如康德(Immanuel Kant)所說,美是無目的性的(purposeless),不需太多外加概念。其實好在乎良辰,更在乎良伴,活在當下,晉時陸機有詩《飲酒樂》可證:



About Us, about wine
- Red Rascal
    ‘For this (wine) is my blood’ said Jesus, this statement resounds yet not settled in my heart.

I tasted the first drop with my youth and buddies, couldn’t tell the new world from the old, only saw the dazzles with alcohol. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu, compiled by Li Shizhen), grapes could be made into wine for enjoyment, the indulged ones will be in a state of drunkenness. It was, the initial realm of wine appreciation – the mountain is a mountain, the river is a river.

Then, I experienced and grew up, have taken WSET and become eloquent with wine jargons, En-Primeur was on my investment list. I was in frenzy, reading the comic series “Les Gouttes de Dieu”, reciting Pablos Neruda’s lines while drinking wine. Wine was linking me to a whole wide world, it is panoramic. It then, was another realm – the mountain is not a mountain, the river is not a river.

Now, my heart returns from the wild extravagance, and becomes an observer. At times wonders of wine have my heart throbs with feelings beyond words, I seek no sensibility but a smile. To Immanuel Kant, beauty is purposeless, it is in itself and nothing else. Wine is good, with the moment and the company, only to live with it. Lu Ji, a poet in the Jin Dynasty, has this well described in the poem “The Joy of Wine”.

      The arduous odour of wine in its season,
      is there with the elegant company.
      In the nocturnal feast time is not,
      a flush of morning light brings in the past.
It is, indeed, a mountain is a mountain, a river is a river.
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